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Products and Solutions Everyone can Enjoy


From Custom Laptops, Desktops, Smart Home devices, Televisions and everything else. We've got it for you.



Custom Heaven

cheaper, sleeker and personalized

We not only build custom laptops and desktops, we carry what you need to build your own.



Smart Home

For every need

We provide a smart home device for every need, thermostats, locks, and security cameras. Affordable costs with personalized setup.



Repair and Installation

A solution for every problem

Too difficult, or don't have the time? We are always ready for the biggest challenges, PC, laptop and Macbook repair. We also specialize in the installation and setup of smart home equipment



Consumer Electronics

Something for everyone

Hot-Spot Interactive Carries everything, from televisions, smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets along with everything in between. Stop by and see us!



Whatever it is we've got you covered.


From expert solutions for a custom Point of Sale, websites, online marketing, and more     What's there not to love?



Point Of Sale

A unique solution for every business

Our expert professional has experience with, Toast Tab, Square, NCR, Wno-POS and many more. Finding the best way to maximize sales, and minimize error can be frustrating.





Expert website development

We provide website development that is sure to grab the attention of any surfing customer. A website for a business is one of the most important aspects, so why not make it look sensational?



Digtial Marketing

It all starts with one click

Not only is having a website important, but having that website featured first is prudential to grabbing the attention that your business needs. From Youtube Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Feeds and E-mailing lists, we have it all



Security Solutions

Peace of mind

Hot-Spot Interactive provides a whole host of smart alarms and security cameras, suitable for outdoor use, equipped with nightvision capabilities and so much more. All with your peace of mind as the goal, specialty cameras installed are viewable any mobile and internet connected device.



Small Town, Big Dreams


In the village of Dunkirk, Ohio we believed in one thing. In a rural county people need to have options, advice from an expert. Not a minimum wage highschooler, so come on by and see what we can do for you.