Right to payment


The following is a policy all consumers and clients of Hot-Spot Interactive.LLC, effective immediately agree to pay all and any invoices due to HSI, or legal action may incur. Work is work, by this charging rates apply to all consumers and clients whom enlist our services, charges will be due for any troubleshooting (even if not successful). And any transportation fees.


Effective immediately all projects created by and for clients, the full quote for equipment and 25% of the estimated labor is due up front.


Late Fees

The following is a policy in regards to any and all invoices due after they have become overdue the day of, a $40 late fee can and will be charged to all delinquent clients, every 31 days after the invoice is due $40 will be added to the subsequent bill.


If payment is not received after due date.

The following is a policy regarding if a client refuses to pay any and all fees, or has been delinquent in payment, HSI reserves any and all rights to discontinue and disrupt any services, equipment and refuse further servicing.


Used Parts and Systems

We as a company have made a promise to our customers, unlike many other retailers and service providers around us, we will not openly sell used parts, these parts break easily and are generally unpredictable.



When Hot-Spot Interactive does eventually become and Internet Service Provider, even though net neutrality may not be enforced. We will abide by the same principles, not throttling, blocking, or favoring any data and truly providing an amazing service to our customers.


Refunds,Returns and Warranties

Hot-Spot Interactive.LLC reserves the explicit right to refuse a return, warranty claim, or refund for any reason after a 30-day period from purchase, servicing etc. Receipt of Purchase must be provided. Maximum refund allotted of five-hundred United States Dollars.